About Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc.

Dynamis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharma company that is developing proprietary small molecule drugs to treat chronic inflammatory diseases. Its proprietary drug candidates inhibit a novel enzymatic pathway that causes the formation of a highly reactive sugar, 3-deoxyglucosone, that stimulates the production of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), oxidative stress and a cascade of inflammatory cytokines.

Elevated blood sugar causes metabolic, neurological, and dermatological diseases, ranging from diabetic retinopathy (blindness) and nephropathy (kidney disease) to inflammatory skin conditions and aging. The Company's first medical products will be drugs to prevent and/or treat chronic inflammatory diseases related to Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)such as diabetic complications - nephropathy and retinopathy. Presently, Dynamis is raising money to optimize its drug hits and file an IND. In parallel the Company is working on developing a biomarker assay for these indications.

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